Meditation #23

Fools fold their hands and ruin themselves. Ecclesiastes 4:5

Being in recovery is somewhat like being in the federal witness protection program. You get to create a new life and new identity. You have to eliminate all “drug buddies” from your life. People actively using drugs cannot be your friends. You must sever all ties with drug dealers. You may have to change your phone number to cut them off. You will need to develop ways to fill the time you used to spend getting and using drugs. You will need to make friends who don’t use drugs. You must learn to have fun, relax and sleep without drugs. You must stay busy so boredom doesn’t lead to relapse.

It is a lot of work to rebuild a life. Drug addiction and alcoholism tear lives apart. Recovery is the process of putting your life back together, of wresting control of your life away from drugs or alcohol and turning it back over to you. Don’t be a fool and fold your hands and expect the work to get done by itself. You must do the work of recovery if you are going to be in recovery, if you are going to build a new drug free life.

Pray: Lord Jesus, help me rebuild my life, help me repair relationships damaged because of my addiction. Bring drug free people into my life for friendship and companionship. Keep me busy in your service so that I don’t think about my old ways. Through the Holy Spirit, empower me to do this work of recovery. Amen.

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