To Hell with the NFL

I am not going to let the NFL tell me that it is bad to make people with penises and testicles use men’s restrooms and people with vaginas and ovaries use the women’s restrooms. When did the NFL, that tolerates wife beating as a hobby for players, suddenly become the worlds moral police? I guess it would be more correct to call them the immoral police as they are advocating letting men use the rest room with little girls. Where is the moral high ground there?

I hope that the Texans sticks to their guns and pass the laws that would require people to use same gender restrooms. By the way, gender is not something you choose. It is something you are born with. You can check yours by looking between your legs. Saying you are a woman doesn’t make you a woman. Feeling that you are a woman doesn’t make you a woman. It is your chromosomes that make you a man or woman. As Lady GaGa says:

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Even rock stars know that you are born the way God intended. Why doesn’t the NFL get it?

This is not meant to denigrate those who are afflicted with the illness known as transgenderism. Transgender people should be respected like diabetics or asthmatics. They are people with and illness probably caused by too much or too little exposure of the developing brain to testosterone in utero. In effect, this syndrome is a birth defect. it is most probable that all gender identity problems, including homosexuality, are caused by brain birth defects.

The medical community has accepted transgenderism as a disease. This is reflected in the fact that gender reassignment surgeries are performed to transform the external genitalia. For example, a phenotypic male might be transformed into a female by removal of the male genitalia and with hormone therapy. This is an imperfect solution as the person still has their original chromosomal make up. Gender reassignment surgery removes the inconvenience that the Texas (and other state) laws cause the transgendered. To be specific, the postoperative transgender male who wants to be a female will look between their legs and not see any male genitals. Thus when they go into the ladies room no one will object. Not even the Texas Rangers!

Until gender reassignment surgery is performed, we have no way of knowing whether a person is committed to being the opposite gender or not. These pre-transformation surgery transgender people should respect the rest of society (the majority of people are not homosexual or transgender) and use the bathrooms that match their genitals. Less than 1% of the population is transgender and it is insanity to expect 99% of the population to submit to their demands for special treatment. Indeed, they should seek to minimize the pain that they are inflicting on the 99%.

Thus, I say “to hell with the NFL”! I am not going to let some football throwing buffoons dictate morality to me. I encourage all of you to boycott the NFL. I personally will not watch another football game, buy another jersey, or in anyway support the NFL until they recant their threats against the entire state of Texas.

Furthermore, I encourage you, that if you find some “gender conflicted” male using the bathroom with your little girl, that you complete their gender transformation and remove any question as to whether their genitals match the bathroom they are using.

Another way of stating this approach: Don’t mess with Texas!

So if you support the rights of people who are not gay or transgendered then join me as I say:

To Hell with the NFL!!!!

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