Devotionals for People Struggling With Addiction

All of us have fallen short of the mark. That is what sin is: Falling short of the mark. The english word sin comes from the greek word ‘hamartia’ which means “to miss the mark”. We all miss the mark when the mark we are aiming for is to be like Christ. So addicts and non-addicts are alike in this: we all fall short of the glory of God. We are all sinners. We only have hope of salvation through belief in Jesus christ.

No sane person wants to be an addict. Developing addiction is like developing leprosy. It is a terrible disease. It hijacks the brain and causes the addict to do things that their sober selves genuinely wish they had never done. Addicts commonly inflict unimaginable pain upon their loved ones. They often end up ostracized by their families. They may feel abandoned and alone, but they are never alone. Jesus is always there waiting for the addict to seek, to knock and to ask Him into their lives, into their heart. He will come. Remember, He still works miracles.

Recovery is a form of healing. It is a physical, mental and spiritual process. The following devotionals or meditations are meant to help the recovering addict engage in prayer and open their minds and hearts to the healing power of Jesus Christ. Your spiritual healing is as important, more important from the eternal perspective, than your physical healing. Engage in prayer daily. Read your Bible. Learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus loves you. You may not love yourself, but Jesus does. You may feel beyond the grace of God but you are not. No one is. You cannot out sin God’s infinite grace.

A Sinner In His Service.


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