Get Over It. God Created Evil.

I read tons of stuff on the internet by well meaning but theologically challenged Christians who make illogical arguments about why God could not have created evil. I hate to tell these people but evil is a real malicious force that prowls the world like a hungry lion seeking to devour anyone it can. God created evil, whose embodiment is Satan, before the Garden of Eden, thus God created evil before the Garden of Eden. God put a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from this tree. Unfortunately, we know how that turned out.

If you believe the God created everything then you must believe he created evil. If God is omnipresent, then He is everywhere and if He is omnipotent He is all powerful and if He is omniscient He knows all things. Some people believe that evil is the absence of good. That God didn’t need to create evil he only needed to leave room for the absence of good. But if God is everywhere, is not good everywhere too? These people also argue that evil is not a real thing like a rock or a tree therefore it did not need to be created. It doesn’t really exist. This would mean that dreams and visions are not real and thus could not be created by God and they don’t exist either. These people want to limit God’s power, presence and knowledge.

Others argue that the word evil in Isiah 45:7 in the King James Bible (I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.) really doesn’t mean evil. The word means calamity (English Standard Version) or disaster (New International Version). But, I think a calamity is not good, a disaster is not good. The opposite of good is evil. Thus these words are just another way of saying evil.

Yes, get over it. God created evil but He did it for our good! First, you must accept that His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. We cannot understand all that God does or allows to be done. But, we can understand that without free will we would just be robots or puppets and would do whatever God commanded, we would have no choice. For reasons known only to God, He wanted us to have to make a choice between Him (good) and Satan (evil). It is as if He is saying love not given freely is not love at all. He designed the universe so that we would have to choose between good and evil, between love and hate. He wants a loving relationship with us but if he just commanded us to love Him and we had no free will, we would love Him but would that be satisfying to Him? Apparently not. He wants love freely given. Why this system pleases God, I know not. I think that only God can know the answer to that.

Only God knows why He allowed His son, no, commanded His son, to die on the cross. I see no immediate goodness in the suffering and agony of Christ. He was beaten bloody with a lash that had lead balls affixed to the tips of its straps. A lash weighted like this could be used to beat a man to death. It would tear into skin and expose muscle which would itself be ripped into and flayed. A crown of thorns was forced down upon his head, piercing the flesh to the bone. After enduring this torture, Christ was forced to carry his cross up the hill to Golgotha. There his wrist and feet were nailed to the beams and he was raised up on this grotesque tree of death to hang until he suffocated, too weak to pull up with his arms, push up with his feet against the agony of the nails. HIs chest could not move and he died. Where is the goodness in this? Do you not think that Satan was gloating with each lash? Do you not think that Satan was whispering encouragement into the soldiers ears as they drove in the nails? Do you not think evil is a real thing? Does this not seem evil to you? If not, woe unto you.

Why God created the sacrificial system of priests and lambs, I know not. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. Only He knows why creation is as it is and why as part of His creation He ordained that we would all be born in sin and live in a fallen world, an evil world that has been turned over to the Devil for a time. God knew we would need rescue but He wants us to choose to be rescued. However, He wanted it to be clear how we could be rescued. While we may see no immediate good to the Crucifixion, God ordained eternal good from it. It is a great sign post in history that points to our rescuer. On the third day He arose. Jesus arose form the grave. The empty tomb is the second great sign post that points to our rescuer. The third great sign post was his ascension into heaven.  All the Old Testament points to the great sacrifice of the Perfect Lamb: the Crucifixion with all its horror, with all its evil brings the greatest good the world has ever known. Who will save us from this world of sin and death? Jesus.

So deal with it. God created everything including evil. Satan is part of God’s plan. Why God’s plan demands such suffering, pain and evil is beyond our knowing. We can only know that even when we do not understand, He is in control. Our duty is to endure until the end, suffering with Christ in our obedience to God, assured that the final victory is His. Indeed, assured that the final victory has already been won for those who believe in Jesus.

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