America Trumps

Americans by and large are damned tired of politics. We don’t want to hear from politically correct simpletons, we want some one who speaks truth. So far, Donald Trump is the only one who really says what most Americans think. I really don’t care if someone is offended by what Trump, or for that matter what I, have to say. People need to put on their big boy pants and suck it up. My mama told me that sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me. Apparently, the New York Daily news paper doesn’t get the fact that words are different than bullets.

Yes, people in New York, let me explain this to you. I can talk to you all day, I can even shout at you, I can say very mean and nasty things about you; but, none of that will kill you! If I take a .223 rifle and shoot you in the heart or the head, it WILL kill you. That is the difference between what a messianic Jew in California did and what a Muslim couple did in California. If you don’t get the difference, I will be happy to take a .223 rifle and demonstrate for you. Would you rather read my Facebook rant or have me pump you full of .223 bullets? Do you think that would help you understand the difference?

Hell yes, I want to stop Muslims from coming into America. Muslims don’t stop with words, they only feel complete if they have rendered your flesh with a knife or bullet. So,  New York news papers, if you don’t get this, why don’t you go visit with your ISIS friends and have a lovely chat and see how well you like being burned alive or beheaded.

I hope that you WAKE UP before it is too late.

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