Gay Marriage is a Hate Crime

Gay/Lesbian marriage a hate crime. Before we start, you have to understand that this argument only applies to Christians (it might apply to other religions as well but I don’t try to speak to the non-Christian mind set). You might already have objections to this statement, after all, Christians are all about love, not hate. But, the issue is straight forward. First, you have to understand that hate is the opposite of love. As Christians we strive to love people into the kingdom of God. True Christian love is entirely focused on helping a person or people develop a right relationship with God. We know form the Bible that God detests the homosexual sex act. The Bible does not tell us that God detests homosexuals but it does tell us that He views the homosexual sex act as an abomination (see for example Leviticus 18:22 or Romans 1:26-27). This is clearly stated in the Old and New Testaments. (If you don’t think this is the case you need to go read the Bible.) I also know that God made and makes all people. He made homosexuals and I are pretty sure that God doesn’t make junk. He only makes people of intrinsic value, of heavenly worth. Homosexuals fall into this category. Unfortunately for homosexuals, God detests the homosexual sex act. I cannot tell you why God made homosexuals and then declared sex between homosexuals an abomination. From the Bible we know that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts:  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.…” Isaiah 55:8-9. So, we cannot hope to explain why God does what He does.

So, where does “hate crime” enter in to all this. Well, as Christians we want to love people into heaven. The opposite of this is hating people into hell. Those, particularly the clergy who support or encourage homosexual marriage are encouraging people to engage in sex acts that are detested by God. This is paving the road to hell for these people with a false love, the opposite of love, which is hate. Many of these people who support gay/lesbian marriage cannot cope with the infinite mind of God which in the final analysis is not understandable by the finite mind of humans (hence, Isaiah 55:8-9). These people, including clergy, think that God must think like they do since they were made in the image of God. They consider the unfairness of making homosexuals and denying them having homosexual sex to be illogical and unfair and therefore not compatible with the mind of God. They then negate the Bible and place their own understanding of the universe into the position of God. They, in effect, declare themselves to be God and proclaim the homosexual sex act good. They ignore proverbs:  Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.…(Proverbs 3:5-6), they lean on their own understanding. These people replace the Bible’s instruction with their own understanding. They encourage homosexuals to engage in sex acts that are detestable to God. They do this in the name of love. But this is not love. It is the opposite of love. The crime is theirs: encouraging people to sin. God does not like people who lead other people into disobedience. These people, particularly the clergy are likely to get to heaven and hear Jesus say: “‘Truly I say to you, I do not know you.” (Matthew 25:12)



8 thoughts on “Gay Marriage is a Hate Crime

  1. Dear prettylildyke,

    I am impressed that you must be a thoughtful person, willing to read what I wrote without the knee jerk response that I must be a homosexual hating Bible thumping lunatic. I feel moved to write what I think is the truth and not what is politically correct. Now if you are not a Christian my arguments are meaningless because they are all based on the Bible and science. I am a firm believer that truth is truth whether delivered through the Bible or through a microscope. Indeed, it is my belief that faith without reason is madness.

    I have compassion for homosexuals (gay men, lesbian women) and the “transgendered”. It is hard for me to believe that anyone would want to be born homosexual. That would be like wanting to be born a dwarf (or the politically correct: little person). I doubt any dwarf, in their heart of hearts, really wants to be a dwarf rather than a person of normal stature. I think that homosexuals, just like dwarfs, would really like to be normal; but, just like dwarfs, homosexuals are who they are. This is not to preclude the fact that some homosexuals may be able to adapt and lead a heterosexual life. I think that the brain changes that make one homosexual may exist to different degree in different people. This may be why some people seem to be able to choose their sexuality (think of bisexuals) while others are locked-in to being homosexual or heterosexual. The issue becomes even more blurred when we realize that some people who readily identify as heterosexual have occasional same-sex sexual relations. This is true for homosexuals as well who on occasion may have opposite-sex sexual relations. Sexuality is a complicated issue. However, the Bible is clear on what God finds as acceptable and abhorrent. This information is generally not well received by the homosexual population. But, as I said in my blog, it is what God has said it is and “well meaning” clergy/Christians cannot change it. Indeed, in their attempts to be “fair” to homosexuals, they promote their trip to hell. A Christian can show no greater contempt for another person than by helping that person maintain a sinful life style. It does not matter if they are supporting a heterosexual person in adultery or a lesbian in their same-sex sexual activity. Sin is sin. God defines what sin is, not humans. Like I said in my blog, God’s ways are not our ways. Remember, we are dealing with a God who took His Son out in the back yard and nailed Him to a tree so that He would die that you and I might be forgiven. Very few humans would ever think of this as a reasonable solution to “the sin problem”. When we try to think for God, we run a great risk of making poor decisions. Too many Christians today, well meaning, think they know the mind of God and that the Bible must be wrong because it doesn’t agree with their thinking. These Christians are preaching a “feel good” religion that will ultimately result in their feeling really bad when Christ tells them as they try to enter heaven: Go away, I don’t know who you are. The sad part is that these people will carry a bunch of people to hell with them. All too many people stop listening when they have heard what suites their life style. They don’t take the time to study and think things through for themselves.

    As a lesbian, you probably want a loving relationship with another woman. The Bible would say that agape love between any two people is OK. But eros, erotic love (sex) between same sex persons is not allowed. These are issues that you will struggle with all your life. Single people can serve God and lead fulfilling lives. Lesbian lovers can thumb their noses at God and engage in sex as often as they want. God won’t stop them. He wants it to be a choice. I encourage you find out what God says. Do not just read the Bible but study it. Find out for yourself what it says, don’t let other people tell you what they think the Bible says (not even me). When you study the Bible, pray for God to give you the Holy Spirit to lead you in understanding God’s word. When people tell you that the Bible does not apply to modern times, don’t fall for superficial arguments like: “Times have changed, so we can ignore the parts of the Bible that don’t agree with what we want to do.”

    Celibacy is a difficult thing but it seems that God wants homosexuals to be celibate. If you have had same sex erotic relationships; it is not the end of the world! God forgives all who confess their sin to Him and make a serious attempt to not sin again. Homosexuals are not condemned to hell because they are homosexual. I can’t tell you what happens to the lesbian who chooses to defy God’s will and continue same sex erotic relationships because these “meet their needs”. In the Bible, the response we are to have in this situation is modeled by Christ, who when faced with the Crucifixion asked God to spare Him but also replied to God: your will, not my will.


  2. 1) there was no mention of any scientific evidence in your argument(which you claimed there was in the comment above) 2) The Chronicles of Narnia was a very compelling book with valuable life lessons but I don’t believe my closet is a portals to some magical world with talking animals, and 3) homo sex is pretty fun.

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  3. Dear Rejectreality101,
    This particular blog does not have any science in it because it does not address the scientific aspects of Gay Marriage. As I stated in the opening, it only addresses the Christian perspective on agape love and how encouraging people to behave in ways that the Bible unequivocally calls abhorrent to God is the opposite of agape love. Christians who encourage people to engage in any acts that God has told us are sinful are not expressing Christian love but rather a form of hate. This argument does not apply to non-Christians and Christians are not called to judge non-Christians. We can only share truth in love with both Christians and non-Christians alike.


  4. Reblogged this on Discordant Reflections and commented:
    You realize that the Bible that you read today has been translated so many times that it’s almost totally unreliable, right? Most of the verses that people use to say that “God says homosexuality is a sin” and whatnot are so ambiguous that there’s no telling what they actually mean, right?

    Also, it is not a “hate crime.” Christians are not being harmed in any way at all by gay marriage being legalized. Christians who support gay marriage are not encouraging anyone to be or do anything but be happy.

    Don’t try and make Christians the victim in this situation. Ever.


    1. I don’t know where you get your information from but you need to check your sources. Most of the Bibles in use today were translated from the oldest known Biblical texts including using information from the Dead Sea Scrolls and similar ancient writings. The argument you propose really goes like this: “I don’t like what the Bible says, so it must have been translated wrong.” Unfortunately, it does’t work that way. Multiple scholars have translated the Bible from the original languages and they all say pretty much the same thing. You also did not read my essay critically, as I never claimed that Christians were being hurt by gay marriage. I claimed that gays were being hurt by it. The pain that they suffer may not come in this life but it can be anticipated for all who trample on God’s grace. There is no physical harm to Christians from gay marriage. Some of us do consider it somewhat of an insult to have the term marriage applied to civil unions; but, that is true for any union that takes place outside of the church whether the people are gay or not. You see Christians believe that marriage is a holy event where through a mystery of faith two people become one flesh or person. Catholics consider marriage a sacrament, a Holy act, a means of Grace and to defile such an act is no different than defiling any other Holy act, such as the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion). Non-Catholics consider marriage to be a sacramental-like event. So while Christians are not harmed by “gay marriage” they may well find it insulting. Most mature Christians understand that while defining marriage as anything other than a mystical union between a man and a woman is insulting it does not physically harm us, even though it may cause us suffering. Non-Christians should try to understand that Christ described the relationship between himself and the church as being like that of marriage between a man and a woman. That is why you may hear the church referred to as the bride of Christ. So for most Christians to defile or defame marriage is a painfully insulting act. Similar to the pain many Americans feel when we see mud thrown on our flag. We know that we are not hurt and our country is not hurt by such actions but we are insulted, we feel a pain in our heart. We all should know that sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us. That is the mature response to these insults phrased in a children’s rhyme. So while many Christians will feel emotional pain from the insult of gay marriage, we are not so concerned about our suffering as we are the fate of the gays who are being married. We live by the example of Christ, who suffered unto death that we might have salvation. Following this example, Christians are willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the world to which we are offering hope.

      Some Christians choose to look only at God’s Grace and ignore His Justice. This kind of thinking was what lead Friedrich Nietzsche to declare that God was dead. A god who forgives everything is indeed dead. Such a God would be without justice. There would be no need for the concept of right and wrong as all would be permissible if all is to be forgiven. This aspect of Grace completely leaves out the concept of Justice and the step of repentance. Any sin can be forgiven, but with forgiveness comes repentance and without repentance there is no forgiveness. The God of Christians is a Just God. He will punish those whom willfully disobey and choose not to repent and turn from their sins. Those who rely on cheap grace, grace without sacrifice or service, may find themselves saying to Jesus after their death: “Lord, lord” only to have Jesus reply, “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.” (Matt 7:21-23) Those who seek happiness rather than heaven are likely to find neither. Not sinning often requires sacrifice. For some this may mean not acting on impulses of rage, for others it may mean not acting on impulses of lust, there are many things that Christians must strive to give up to be like Christ and that is our ultimate goal. Perhaps it may seem unfair to the world but homosexuals must strive to give up homosexual sex. That is their cross to bear. I have no idea why God finds homosexual sex detestable but that this is the case is clearly stated in both the Old and the New Testaments. I for one would not want to continuing engaging in any activity that God finds detestable and expect that when I get to heave I can just say: “Why God, I know that I did it my way and now you have to let me into heaven because you are powerless as your Grace covers all my sin.” God may just say: “Yes, you did it your way. You made no apology for it, no attempt to do it my way, yes indeed, it was all about you. No regret, no repentance, no attempt to change. You choose to follow your path, not mine, your world view, not mine, your right and wrong, not mine: Now you will reap the fruit of your life of disobedience and that fruit will be served up very warm!”

      Loving Christians cannot support a life choice that risks sending the person or persons to hell. Now I am not saying that a person who is homosexual is automatically going to hell. Homosexuality is not a sin. It is a birth defect. It is no more a sin than Down’s syndrome. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that being homosexual is a sin only the act of engaging in homosexual sex. However, I am saying that continued unrepentant sin is a real risk factor for damnation. By the way, homosexual sex is only one sin (one risk factor) among many that are spelled out in the Bible as detestable to God. All who engage in these sins are risking their future. Many of us have or will commit some of these sins and if we continue to engage in them without making an attempt to change, without repentance, we too will receive Justice. The hope of Christianity is that when we miss the mark (sin) we can redirect our arrow (repent) and take another shot at the target (being Christ like). Not all will come to Christ. Many would rather go to hell than submit their will to God. Those who, like Christ, say, “Your will, not mine.” when the time comes to sacrifice their sin, to give it up and choose eternity with God over this worlds transient pleasures, those people will repent, turn from their sin and embrace Christ who is waiting with open arms.


      1. Um, no, actually.
        Christians do not own marriage. Marriage predates Christianity by far. So do gay people.

        You make all these statements like you think everyone is a Christian or should be a Christian. We aren’t.
        Gay marriage is not a hate crime and that was an extremely stupid thing to insinuate. Your bible is flawed and cannot be trusted.

        We have as much right to marriage as you do.


  5. Have you read the Bible? Read it before you say it is flawed and cannot be trusted. If it cannot be trusted, then in what do you trust? Your own understanding? Science? The internet?

    No, all are not Christians, all do not even believe that God exists. All Christians can do is to encourage people to seek truth and it is the truth that will set them free.

    Most Christians are aware that not all will come to Christ. We are only called to offer Christ to all, not to force Him on any. Yes we Christians are a bit nutty about wanting to share heaven with everyone. God loves all and we want to share the love He has given us with others because His love is like flowing water. If we hold that water inside of ourselves it will become stagnant and eventually foul. If we let it flow from us to others it will remain sweet and clean. We understand that love and truth can be annoying, even painful. The world is like a drug, it lures people and sucks them down into the muck of sin. Christians are called to help people up out of this darkness and help them wash away the muck with the living waters. We are called to help each other as well because each of us sins every day. We all feel the lure of the world drug. Enablers do not speak the truth but rather say things like: “if it feels good it must be right”, “God would not have made you this way if He didn’t want you to act like this”, “life is short, making yourself happy is all that is important”. These people are like parents who tell their 5 year old that it is alright to play in the street if that is what makes them happy. They ignore the true danger of the passing cars in order to enable their child to enjoy a moments pleasure. This works well until the child is run over and killed. Sometimes, the truth is not what we want to hear. Sometimes the truth makes us unhappy.

    Many Christians, including myself, have no objection to civil unions between gays so that they may enjoy all the benefits of marriage (beware of what you wish for as such benefits have strings attached such as divorce). But the truth is only God can marry people. We (humans) can perform the ceremony but the actual marriage, the making of a man and a woman into one flesh, is something that only God can do. Will He do this to help promote an act that He detests? Only God knows the answer to that question. If you don’t believe in God, it really doesn’t matter as you will never ask the question in the first place. I am not arguing against civil unions for gay couples. I am only stating what I believe to be clear Biblical truths. If you don’t believe in Jesus, the Bible or God, then none of this should really matter.

    Gay marriage only becomes a “hate crime” in the sense that any Christians involved are making the statement, “I hate you, I want to see you go to hell.” to the gay couple. The crime is not the gay marriage itself. The “crime” is not committed by the gay couple. The “crime” is being committed by any Christians involved who have failed to speak truth in love to their gay friends, who have encouraged their gay friends to engage in sex acts that God has deemed detestable. If there are no Christians involved, then there is no “hate crime”. This is no different that a “good” Christian taking their alcoholic friend to a bar and buying him a drink or a “good” Christian providing a married friend the key to their apartment so their married friend can meet his girlfriend there in order to cheat on his wife.

    Sin is sin and Christians need to help their friends avoid it not lead them to it or help them commit it. Christians are sinning every time they fail to make an honest heartfelt attempt to help a friend avoid sinning. It is not an expression of love to tell someone to defy God.


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