Hello world!

The title of the blog should perhaps be “I Have No Voice and I Must Scream” (not to be confused with the science fiction short story by Harlan Ellison entitled “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream”, which first appeared in the March 1967 issue of IF: Worlds of Science Fiction). Why do I say this should be the title of this blog? Because, I have lost my voice, if I ever had one. Not my real voice but the voice that I might use to communicate any wisdom, as small as it might be, to the world.

Communicating wisdom: isn’t that why many people blog? They think they have an opinion or knowledge that is worth sharing with the world; but, like myself, they do not have a forum, such as a TV or radio show, or book publisher, through which they can share their insights with their fellow humans. So, like me, they blog.

But why scream? The simple answer is frustration. Frustration with ignorance and want. These are the two children of mankind, which if not refuted will spell doom for mankind (A Christmas Carol, Stave 3: The Second of the Three Spirits by Charles Dickens).  People commit great evil upon one another and the planet most often because of  ignorance or want. A great physician once said: “I ain’t got no pill for stupid.” He might well have added, “I ain’t got no pill for want”. Our lives are terribly short and we should not waste them being stupid or greedy (one form of want) or in allowing others to suffer from a lack of fundamental needs such as food, water and shelter (to be needy or destitute is a form of want). Don’t you ever want to scream to the people of the world: wake up! Time is short. Do right, use your head, everybody must be fed (Do What You Like (song from band/album “Blind Faith”), Ginger Baker)!

In the future my blogs will address a variety of topics: science, medicine, religion, world events, and whatever I find interesting. I hope that in them you will find some wisdom, some humor, some passion, some thing that makes you think. I don’t expect everyone who reads this blog will find my wit, wisdom, or passion all that wonderful but perhaps some will; but, then, the authentic writer writes first for themselves– to thine own self be true (The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act 1, Scene 3, 78-82. William Shakespeare). Welcome!

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